Escape to the trees at Wootton Park

Treehouses, hot tubs, birdsong, barbecues. You might be thinking of far-flung places. Somewhere in the Far East maybe? Or perhaps some swanky enclave down south where the rich and famous go to play. What if I told you this rural idyll is right on our doorstep? Yep, nestled in the Warwickshire countryside is a little haven of peace and quiet that will make you feel like you’re a million miles from home, even if you’re only down the road from reality. Once upon a time Wootton Park was entirely farmland, bought by the McCall family back in August 1945. Fast forward more than half a century and the third generation of McCalls are now in charge, having moved away from dairy farming in the 1990s to diversify the business. Some of the land is still farmed, but much of it is woodland. At its heart is what has become a thriving business that’s nothing to do with farming. The original Victorian brick farm buildings are now offices, the former dairy and milking parlour a business centre and the farmhouse a B&B. The barn is licensed for weddings and they’ve even got a ‘wedding boat’ on the lake where you can … Continue reading Escape to the trees at Wootton Park