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Bouillabaisse at Cafe Vin Cinq, Rugby

Cafe Vin Cinq, Rugby

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes it’s the good local places that are quietly getting…

Lamb's liver starter at La Margherita, Rugby

La Margherita, Rugby

There are some places that sort of become fixtures in your local town. They’ve been there for years, they’re still…

Me and DJ BBQ at Meatopia

September round-up

September, September, September. Month of meat, month of gin, month of birthday treats, and month of buying a house…

The meat thali at Omar's, Dunchurch

Omar’s, Dunchurch, Rugby

I’ve written about curry before, but since you can never have enough curry, I’m going to write a bit…

The fry-up at the Bacco Lounge, Rugby

Bacco Lounge, Rugby

While it may seem like I’m Rugby through and through, I’m not actually from this little Warwickshire town. I…