July 12, 2013

I don’t cook in parcels very often – it sounds a) complicated, b) like it could be a bit moist and soggy and c) you can’t see whether it’s cooked!

But this parcel recipe, recently introduced to me by a good pal, is delicious and seems to be fail safe, even for someone with my prowess in the kitchen. Plus, it’s healthy, because you’re effectively steaming the food.

Take a piece of foil, lay it out, and on it start with your salmon fillet. On top of that, add shredded spring onion, fresh ginger, and carrot, then drizzle over sesame oil, soy sauce, and squeeze some lime on top. And that’s it! Wrap it up in the foil, with the seam across the top, pop on a baking tray and put in the oven for 15 mins or so.

While that’s cooking, put some egg noodles in some boiling water, cook as per the packet, then stir fry in sesame oil with fresh red pepper, a few broccoli florets, and a slug of soy sauce.

By that time, you can check on your salmon. Careful when you open the foil (you don’t want a face full of steam). The salmon should be a lovely pink colour, still firm but easy to flake apart, while the ginger, spring onion and carrot will be slightly softened but still crunchy.
Serve either alongside or on top of your bed of noodles. But when you serve the salmon, just make sure you don’t waste the delicious juice that will have formed in the bottom of the foil. Drizzle on top of the salmon and there you have it! Nice easy dinner done in less than half an hour.

Think I’m a convert to the power of parcels!