Trying out healthy for size – egg muffins
December 13, 2014

A lot of food blogs are ram-packed with Christmas-ness by now. And yes, I’ve already scoffed my fair share of mince pies. Haven’t we all? But amid all my snaffling, I’m trying to stay a tiny bit healthy on the odd occasion. One of the hardest parts is what to take to work for lunch. Soup is a big favourite, but if you’ve done some exercise that day (which yes, I’ve also been trying to do), you want food. Real, chewable food. There’s also the issue of what’s in that food. Eggs are in for me at the moment – high in protein, full of vitamins and oh so easy to cook.

My go-to meal when Mr M abandons me for work overnight is an omelette or frittata, but I happened on a nice little variation from fellow blogger Deserve Better Fitness that is perfect for dinner, a snack, and a great packed lunch – egg muffins. And the biggest bonus is, if I can cook them, anyone can!

So, get yourself a muffin tin, grease each hole to try to stop the egg from sticking, and pop in whatever filling you want to include – spring onion, cheese, peppers, mushrooms, chilli – whatever you like.

Making egg muffins

After this, pour in beaten egg mixed with a bit of milk and seasoned well. The original recipe called for six – I think I did four then had to add a fifth later to top them up.

Raw egg muffins

Finally, pop them in the preheated oven. Yes, it’s that easy. I backed mine on about 180C for 25 minutes or so. Once they’ve puffed up and turned a lovely golden brown on top, they’re done. Just check they’re set and bob’s your uncle. I had a tiny problem getting mine out but managed it in the end.

Healthy egg muffins just out of the oven

And there you have it. Delicious treats, which taste yummy when they’re warm, and equally perfect for grabbing and taking with you for breakfast or lunch. I took a few in my little tupperware for lunch but they didn’t make it past mid-morning. Light and fluffy, they’re also filling and a great source of protein. Apparently they can also be frozen and reheated, so you can make loads and eat them later.

Low-fat egg muffins

So, they may not be indulgent or gourmet or festive, but I guarantee when you try these once you get bored of the Christmas splurge you’ll love them.

ThanksĀ Deserve Better Fitness, great recipe!