Midweek munchies (or drinkies) – the Bombardino
February 11, 2015

Blogging while on holiday, who’d have thought it! While surrounded by amazing food and drink in Italy, I thought it would be simply churlish to neglect midweek munchies. So, in honour of my ski-tastic week, I’m giving you a little insight into my new après-ski treat – the Bombardino.

Mulled wine (vin chaud in French, or Gluhwein when in Austria) is usually my go-to drink after a day on the pistes. But while in Italy I decided to try a traditional Bombardino.

From my brief experience, there seem to be plenty of variations on this popular drink – all tending to include Vov (an egg-based liqueur), and either brandy of whisky, served hot, with cream on top.

The name Bombardino apparently comes from one of its first drinkers noting its hot temperature and alcohol content and declaring in Italian: “It’s like a bomb!”.

My first experience definitely matched up to this. Whisky, Vov and cream, which certainly packed a punch, but alas, wasn’t quite as tasty as I had hoped.

A Bombardino in Sauze d'Oulx, Italy

Not to be deterred, I tried again at a different mountain venue, this time being offered what I later discovered was a “calimero” Bombardino. This is brandy, Vov, and espresso, again with cream on top.

A variation on a Bombardino

This was what I was looking for – warming, creamy, and giving you just the right pick-me-up for your next run.

Ladies and gentlemen, here you have your midweek munchies – Bombardinos.Have you ever tried one? What’s your favourite variation?

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  1. Congratulations, nice blog! I wish there where more mom’s like you out there, very inspiring, well done! Do you guys ever come skinig in Europe?Cheers,Fabo

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