Midweek munchies – Shrove Tuesday
February 18, 2015

Who doesn’t love Pancake Day? I’m not sure I know of anyone. The chance to scoff loads of pancakes, savoury or sweet, and to ogle everyone else’s pictures filling up the social media clouds.

For anyone who didn’t know, Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the day that Christians confess their sins before Lent starts the following day (Ash Wednesday). Since Lent traditionally involved fasting, it meant that Shrove Tuesday was the day you could scoff loads of rich food – pancakes being the perfect source of such richness.

Now it’s become “Pancake Day”, the day you can’t get eggs or lemons for love nor money, despite your aching need to join in the pancake mania and chuck some half-cooked batter round your kitchen.

This year we were treated to pancakes for pud from our sister-in-law. We opted for the simple, traditional option. Thin, crepe-style pancakes, flipped, sprinkled with sugar and lemon and rolled up ready to eat.

Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday

I saw – and read about – plenty of other exciting offerings, from American breakfast pancakes dripping in syrup, to oat flour pancakes with Nutella, peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

I’m sure there are loads more, and each of us have our personal favourite. What’s yours? Sweet or savoury? Thick or thin? Let me know, and I’ll try them next year.