Pork and veg oven bake – a Manning classic
April 9, 2015

Here I am, about to share with you a Manning classic dish. I suppose originally it’s a Mummy Manning special, but it’s a regular appearance by Mr M these days, and his little sis. Probably because it’s simple, filling, and yummy.

It’s not going to take a huge deal of explaining, and is perfect for an easy midweek meal. It’s also super adaptable because you can effectively throw anything in. So, take an ovenproof dish, pop in your veg – anything from potatoes to peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions. Roast it until the veg starts to soften.

Then you add your sauce. The easiest and quickest thing to use is a pasta sauce of some description, you can even use one that’s already got chilli or herbs in to give it an extra bit of flavour. Add some chilli flakes too – providing you like heat, which we do – to give it a bit of bite. Fold everything together, then lay your pork on top. It’s usually pork chops, but Sister Manning experimented with pork fillet the other day for us, which was actually even better. It’s stayed succulent, tender and moist while occasionally (only occasionally), chops can go a bit tough.

And then it’s back in the oven until the meat is cooked and hey presto, an easy one-pot meal. Tender roasted vegetables, moist pork, all in a spicy tomatoey sauce. A meal in one, and great for family or friends. You know I love that social thing when it comes to meals, and this is perfect for that. We tend to have the dish in the middle  of the table so everyone can dig in and help themselves to seconds, which is pretty much a foregone conclusion. It’s definitely fairly rare that there’s anything left in that dish at the end of the meal.

Do you have a favourite family one-pot or one-dish wonder? Care to share?


 Pork and veg bake - a Manning classic

Homemade pork and vegetable bake
Pork and veg bake