August round-up
August 31, 2015

Wowsers, it’s been a busy old August. I’m not entirely sure where it’s gone! Looking back, I couldn’t quite believe how much foodie stuff I’ve done so I thought I’d give you a little round-up just in case you missed bits.

The month started with a post on Nosh & Quaff, the newest addition to the Lasan Group’s collection of restaurants in Birmingham, where we had scoffed lobster and ribs and supped on craft beers and ciders a few days before at its launch night.

Ribs at Nosh & Quaff, Birmingham

Ironically (some might say), I followed this feast with a little analysis of my own strange relationship with food and vowed to try and get a bit of balance back in my life when it comes to eating. Not the easiest of things when you’ve made writing about food your hobby! Although I did start joining in on #MealPlanningMonday to try to be a bit more organised and scoff a bit less food. We’re also planning on moving house, so I reckon we’ll be tightening our belts (literally and metaphorically) and eating out a wee bit less.

I went to my niece’s birthday party where for once I actually contributed something and made this pretty Kale salad with Asian creamy peanut dressing with a recipe from a fellow blogger. It was so good I made it twice!

Asian kale salad with creamy peanut dressing

I made a return trip to En Place pop up restaurant at Milennium Point, this time taking Mr M and our friends. The guys put on a great meal again, including pea and mint veloute with wasabi and goat’s curd, then some awesome slow-roasted belly pork.

Slow-roasted belly pork at En Place pop-up

I made a few trips to London to see friends, enjoying a lovely brunch at Caravan on one Saturday and lounging around in the sun at Primrose Hill the following weekend, where I had a lovely healthy lunch at Ripe Kitchen & Deli.

Jalapeno pancake at Caravan, Kings Cross, London

August saw my first proper post swap with Amy from the Creative Fitness Channel. While I’ve guest posted for other people, this was my first proper swap and both Amy and I thought it went really well. She wrote here about what she eats and why, her relationship with food, and how she stays looking so blimin’ good! I wrote on her blog about trying to keep balance in my diet and using If it Fits Your Macros to try and stay on track – a system that if I sticked to, would be brilliant, but self-discipline is still proving a bit of an issue!

I rounded off the month with some burger porn to tie in with #NationalBurgerDay (of course). Mr M and I had been to the Rose Villa Tavern in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to try out the new USA diner-style menu and had filled ourselves with some seriously delicious burgers. Still drooling thinking about them! I also toddled along to the first Colmore Social (despite the fact I don’t work on Colmore Row) where I tested out a few of the area’s cocktail bars.

The enormous Bacon Cheese burger at Rose Villa Tavern, Birmingham

Of course, I did a bucketload of other stuff that I’m still yet to properly tell you about. Mr M and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a meal at the Stag at Offchurch near Leamington Spa. Some good food was eaten, and you can expect a full post REALLY soon.

I also went to fellow blogger Brumderland’s first event – GREED: Pure Gin’ious. This was an evening extravaganza of food and a gin masterclass at the Jekyll and Hyde in Brum. Great fun, and something you peeps will get a big rave about.

And finally – my mum and I headed off to food critic Jay Rayner’s My Dining Hell evening in Worcester, based on his book, where he chatted through some of his worst dining experiences, why people love bad reviews, and answered tonnes of questions, even a few about blogging. It gave me a bit of food for thought, so you’ve got a few thoughts coming up from me about that.

September’s looking as busy as ever! A foodie weekend away in Cornwall for my birthday where we’re off to Nathan Outlaw’s restaurant for lunch – what a treat! Then there’s a trip to Meatopia in London. We went last year and while it might not be as raucous as Grillstock was, I’m fairly sure it’s going to be another meaty extravaganza.

The end of September will see me go to my first proper blogging conference! Eek! I’m heading off to FoodBloggerConnect in London for a day to try and learn how to do this a bit better! So wish me luck!


And there you have it – plenty of food and fun for you to look through there. I’ve got a tonne of other stuff planned, some of which is super exciting, and I’ll keep you posted along the way.

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Happy Bank Holiday folks! Hope you had a great one 🙂