Brunch at Caravan, London
August 19, 2015

Another weekend, another trip to London to catch up with a friend. Good job it isn’t too difficult or too expensive (if you book in plenty of time) from Rugby, else I’d be broke by now. We agreed to meet in what is rapidly becoming my go-to place to meet pals in the Big Smoke  – the area near King’s Cross – mainly because it seems to be incredibly easy for anyone coming into Euston, King’s Cross or St Pancras but also because there’s a bunch of great places there.

I’ve already written about two Granary Square restaurants – Dishoom and Grainstore – on the blog, so luckily for you we decided to have brunch at the place next door to Grainstore, Caravan. It’s not that dissimilar to Grainstore, though maybe a bit more ‘edgy’ and offers a fabulous brunch menu on a weekend packed with weird and wonderful food and drink combinations. You can’t book, which I find a bit annoying really, but it seems to be the way it goes with all the ‘cool places’ these days. Fortunately, we appeared to arrive just before the rush and got ourselves a spot at a table perched on some stools. Not ideal for my pregnant friend but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Interior of Caravan, King's Cross, London

Like Grainstore, it’s a pretty cavernous interior with the similar industrial feel. You know, all that exposed stuff, as if someone forgot to put the clothes on the building and left it slightly awkwardly naked. Very quickly we were attended to by an efficient and charming waiter. A jug of water was a given (I LOVE that touch), and he patiently allowed us to stall the ordering process as we squeezed peeks at the menu between catching up on a year’s worth of gossip.

Choosing what to eat was tough. I couldn’t even choose between sweet and savoury, let alone which of the dishes to have. Pumpkin waffle with baked ricotta, maple and pecans was tempting, as was a prawn and chorizo omelette or a kimchi pancake, but on the waiter’s recommendation I went for jalapeno corn bread, with fried eggs, black beans, and guindilla pepper.

Jalapeno pancake at Caravan, Kings Cross, London

The corn bread was thick and soft, oozing with grease in a somehow-not-gross way. Seriously, this is another of those moments where I’m better at describing stuff. I’ve never had it before and the closest thing I can compare it to is French toast with the addition of sweetcorn. I had two perfectly-presented fried eggs whose yolk, once broken, ran perfectly over the cornbread in a yellow lava of loveliness. It came with chipotle ketchup which was smokey and barbecuey, and a refreshing salad that seemed to be cucumber.

Jo opted for another dish that had caught my eye – courgette and corn fritters with chilli jam, herbed feta and rocket. I have to say I think she beat me with her choice. The fritters were thick and packed with courgette and corn, their heat slightly melting the cheese. A mouthful of both along with some peppery rocket was a real delight.

Courgette and corn fritters at Caravan, Kings Cross, London

The waiter had recommended a side dish of avocado, which I think comes with chilli, lemon and olive oil, but we didn’t have the space. I did spot one being taken to another table, though, and it looked pretty good to me.

We each had a healthy juice-cum-smoothie but I have to confess to being a bit rubbish and not writing down what they were. Sorry folks (note to self – must do better!). I took a picture though…

Drinks at Caravan, Kings Cross, London

We paid in full for our brunch at Caravan (well, Jo treated me to be precise). They didn’t know I was a blogger.