Battle Proms and Branston Pickle
September 7, 2016

There are some invites you just wish you could take up. When I was invited to the Battle Proms Picnic Concert at Ragley Hall – a place full of childhood memories for me – I seriously considered cancelling my plans. Stunning scenery, some stonking orchestral┬ámusic (yes, I like classical music) and a picnic. What’s not to like? But alas, some things aren’t meant to be.

Lucky for me, two of my pals took up the invitation from Branston and went to check out the event – including trying out a little picnic experience laid on by the ‘Branston van’. Fortunately, it was one of those weekends where the weather did us proud and they had a splendid time mooching about the grounds of the gorgeous stately home and enjoying the entertainment.

Branston Pickle at Battle Proms

Obviously I told them they had to visit the Branston stand since they were the ones who invited me. It sounded pretty good – bean bags, deck chairs, and free tasters of their chutney range. Who doesn’t love a free taster?

Branston Pickle at Battle Proms

Branston Pickle at Battle Proms
Trying Branston Chutneys at Battle Proms
Trying Branston chutneys at Battle Proms
Branston Pickle at Battle Proms

Kerry and Bex did me proud – not only snapping their snack experience, but giving me a handy bit of feedback about what they’d tried.

Here’s what Bex said: “In regards to the chutney – I was unaware that they had brought out a new range of pickles. To be honest I was just expecting that dark chunky original branston pickle which didn’t exactly excite my taste buds because I’m not a huge fan of the chunky vegetable bits.

“We sampled the Mediterranean Tomato and Orchard Fruit chutney. We were presented with half a mini pork pie and a cracker with a generous slab of cheddar with a spoonful of each of these two chutneys. Both were very pleasant indeed and complimented both the pastry and meat combo and also the cheese and cracker combo.”

Kerry was slightly more concise with the brief comment of: “I like chutney”, but she helpfully provided the gorgeous hand you can see in these photos, so her lack of words is forgiven.

Branston Pickle at Battle Proms

All in all, I’m told the girls had a great time and enjoyed their chutney-tasting experience, so a big thanks to Branston for inviting me and an even bigger thanks to Kerry and Bex for carrying the Eat with Ellen mantle for an evening.

I was offered two tickets to the Battle Proms picnic concert free of charge, courtesy of Branston, providing I (or my replacements) visited their van and tried some pickle. I wasn’t asked for a review, just to write about the experience.