Where to go for a romantic soiree in Warwickshire?
February 13, 2020

[Disclosure/AD – some of the meals I ate at the restaurants below were gifted and most quite some time ago, and they certainly didn’t ask for inclusion in this list, but it’s important that you know]

If, like me, your love of food is inextricably intertwined with your love of your other half, while you may dismiss Valentine’s Day as rampant commercialism, you’ll also use it as an excuse to do a bit more eating.

Maybe it’ll be a night in, maybe you have a special meal planned, or maybe you’ll just smear each other in chocolate sauce and whipped cream (for the record, I definitely won’t be doing that) but you food lovers out there will undoubtedly be celebrating with some kind of edible show of affection.

That said, romance is absolutely NOT reserved for one day of the year so while you may have your February 14th evening all planned out from aphrodisiac to After Eight, I’ve decided to compile a little list of a few places across Coventry & Warwickshire that I reckon are well-suited to a romantic meal in Warwickshire at any time of the year.

Also, given that I haven’t tried every single restaurant in Coventry and Warwickshire (though I wish I had), I’ve included at the bottom of this post a list of places that I’ve seen highly recommended by other people. I can’t personally vouch for them but they sound pretty good for a romantic soiree.

As ever, this list is by no means exhaustive, so I’d love it if you hit me up with your suggestions for a romantic meal in Warwickshire.

The Cross, Kenilworth

Meringue, chestnut and truffle at The Cross, Kenilworths Mushroom Dinner

Yes, I know life isn’t all Michelin stars and stuff, but The Cross is a wonderful place for a special occasion and is more chilled out than some of its Michelin-starred friends.

Cafe Vin Cinq, Rugby

A local one for me, but it’s always a lovely atmosphere at Cafe Vin Cinq. I’m long overdue a visit, but every time I go past it’s full so that’s got to be a good sign. Plus they have a cocktail bar upstairs so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Queens Road Mediterranean Kitchen, Coventry

Lamb pave at Queens Road Restaurant, Coventry

So you might not be thinking that a hotel restaurant is a place for a romantic evening, but Queens Road turns out pretty good food. Plus, you could argue that there are certain benefits of having a load of rooms nearby after a romantic meal…

The Tame Hare, Leamington Spa

I still have only been here once and it’s on the neverending list, but the love for the Tame Hare spreads far and wide and having visited a long time ago when they were much earlier into their journey, I’m not surprised.

Loxleys, Stratford-upon-Avon

Loxleys, Stratford

Okay, disclosure alert. I do PR for these guys. But having tasted their food, read their copious reviews and sent friends and family in to dine too, I think not including them here would be sacrilege. Great food, lovely atmosphere and impeccable staff. Plus lots of cosy little corners to get romantic in.

Dough & Brew, Warwick

Okay, it may be a bit strange to include a pizza place, but Dough & Brew seems to me to be a great place to cosy up and share a pizza. I’ve been in a couple of times (though weirdly am still yet to eat a main meal), but the ambience is just right, the food award-winning (for the record, I have tried a few things and they’re great), and they have a well-stocked bar for that little tipple to accompany your tete-a-tete.

Salt, Stratford-upon-Avon

Salt, Stratford-upon-Avon

Another one I’ve only been to once, which in and of itself is very naughty, but Salt really is wonderful. Paul Foster got a Michelin star in an amazingly short period of time, which is testament to how good Salt is. Plus, it’s chilled out so you can actually relax into your meal whilst eating wonderful food.

On the Rocks, Rugby

On the Rocks has become a mainstay of the dining scene in Rugby. You cook your steaks on a hot stone so there’s always scope to feed each other slices of meat over the table as you cook them. Or something like that….

Oscars, Leamington Spa

This French brasserie has been in Leamington for years and it’s no wonder. You will literally find yourself transported from the heart of the Midlands to France, complete with menu choices, wine and that lovely gallic charm.

Image courtesy of PhotoMIX/Pexels

Other people’s ideas

Rignt, here we go – a few places I’ve spotted that other people have enjoyed and sound great for a romantic meal for two..

  • The Pickled Crab, Warwick – as its name suggests, a lot of this place is about the seafood and I’ve seen some great reviews, so it’s on my list for my next dinner date
  • Playwrights, Coventry – I’ve never been here myself but it seems pretty popular, serving up classic dishes in a historic part of Coventry
  • Turmeric Gold, Coventry – Fine dining Indian is always a winner with me, and the surroundings at Turmeric Gold look rather lovely
  • San Giovanni, Sheepy Parva – I literally stumbled on this place whilst driving home one day and was amazed by its gorgeous setting. It seems to get great reviews and would be a lovely place for a quiet dinner.
  • The Woodsman, Stratford-upon-Avon – this game-specialising restaurant gets rave reviews which is no surprise really given that it’s from one of the country’s top game chefs. It is 100% on the list and if we weren’t in Wales this Valentine’s Day I reckon we’d be heading here.
  • Tasca Dali, Warwick – I haven’t been here but have been to the sister restaurant Flamenco, where the Spanish food was great. Tasca Dali looks lovely and intimate though, the perfect place for date night.