FLOC Market launches – uniting food-lovers with independent traders
April 22, 2020

[Disclosure – In the interests of transparency, FLOC Market is a PR client of mine. However, even if that wasn’t the case, I would be writing about this here because I think it’s a bloody good idea]

I don’t know about you, but independent food and drink producers, traders and suppliers have been my saviour over the past few weeks. With our favourite restaurants closed and takeaway options erratic (through no fault of their own) due to lockdown, special treats when it comes to food and drink are all about what you can get delivered to your door or what you can cook yourself.

The only problem is, getting your hands on great stuff can often mean a lot of hunting around the internet – or even offline – looking for places doing delivery in what can become a pretty time-consuming task.

FLOC Market launches

If only someone would make a website where all your favourite independents could list their products, from break and cakes to wine, beer, chutneys, jams, cheese and more. Wouldn’t it just make life easier?

Oh look, they did!

Enter FLOC Market – a brand new online marketplace where independent producers, traders and specialists can set up their own shop and sell their wares to people across the country.

The benefit for them? It’s cheaper, cost-effective and easier. There’s no cost to join or set up the shop or products and each order fee is 10% with a 2% transaction fee.

FLOC Market launches

They also benefit from being part of a wider marketplace. So if you go looking for cheese and end up on FLOC’s site, you then might stumble upon a trader selling beer and buy from them too. They benefit.

And for you? Well, it’s easier. One marketplace, one website, one basket. Literally a virtual market where you can grab a bottle of wine, some artisan bread, a bit of nice cheese and a chocolate brownie or 6,000 to see you through the next few days of lockdown.

It’s the brainchild of Lewis Edwards and David Clarke who are firm fans of shopping locally as it is, but have busted a gut to get FLOC Market up and running at the time we really do need it the most. The site launched on Friday (April 17th) and already has suppliers from across the Midlands and beyond, with more coming on board every day.

FLOC Market launches

Lewis said: “We wanted to create an online marketplace that would encourage people to use local producers and give independent businesses the chance to easily stand out to potential customers who want to shop local and want to buy quality produce, but aren’t always sure where to look. 

“FLOC Market gives businesses their very own store where they can accept payments online, and help manage stock efficiently to maximise profitability. A big benefit is that it also allows businesses to manage delivery of products, both locally and nationally if they serve the whole UK, they can set radius limits and special delivery options to ensure their customers’ expectations are met.

FLOC Market launches

“We appreciate that time is of the essence, so we’ve made it super easy and cost-effective for businesses to get started. There’s no cost to join or set up the shop or products and each order fee is 10% with a 2% transaction fee.

“On FLOC Market, customers will discover new products and producers by browsing the marketplace but we also give each business a unique ID link that they can share on their own social media channels and use to promote their shop.”

To find out more about FLOC Market visit them here or follow them on social media.