Review: Pickle & Pie at 23, Crick
October 26, 2020

Sometimes you have to travel a long way to find new places, and others you realise there was somewhere right on your doorstep that you’d missed.

Crick is a small village just outside Rugby, across the Northamptonshire border. It’s near where my mother-in-law lives so we’ve driven through it countless times, yet I only discovered Pickle & Pie at 23 a few weeks ago and now have been kicking myself for not opening my eyes a bit when I’m tootling around my local area.

I know why I missed it. A converted house, you could almost miss it, but you’re missing a treat. Pickle & Pie is the kind of cafe that stands out for all the right reasons.

An Aladdin’s Cave of food, it goes far beyond a ham sandwich or sausage roll. I mean, there are sausage rolls. But you get my drift.

That’s all just the beginning. Pickle & Pie has its own deli counter with all sorts of goodies to take away and snaffle at home from cheeses to antipasti. Then there are the homemade snacks that change every day – scotch eggs, sausage meal plaits, quiches, bakes. All made in their own kitchen, using great local ingredients.

The menu itself offers all of the above, plus changing specials like soups, pies, and I’ve even spotted mac’n’cheese. It means you’re guaranteed to find something that suits the weather, from a light quiche and salad on a warmer day to a hefty bowl of hearty fare on a colder one.

When we visited it was (just about) quiche weather, so I went for an antipasti version filled with all sorts of goodies from the counter below, served with an Asian-style slaw and some salad. Simple but great.

Pickle & Pie at 23, Crick

No good cafe would be complete without all the right drinks and while the coffee was calling out to me, I tried one of their cold brew teas. And very nice it was too.

Jamie and his mum each tried different dishes. Sausage meat plait for her and for him the special of caramelised red onion foccacia filled with Onley Farm rump steak, blue cheese and balsamic red onion chutney. My picture doesn’t do it justice, but if you’re after an impressive sandwich then you could do far worse than try this one.

Pickle & Pie at 23, Crick

We didn’t opt for cake in the end, though I imagine that moment will come very soon. Their red velvet looked pretty good, and I’ve seen countless treats on their social media that has nearly had me hopping in the car and scooting over.

That aside, the savouries were enough to convince me on Pickle & Pie. That, and how blimin friendly they are! For any business at the moment, it would be understanding if they were a bit fraught but there wasn’t a hint of this as I watched every single customer be greeted with a smile and a chat.

On top of that, it’s clear to see that Pickle & Pie are working hard to thrive despite tough trading times. When we visited we sat outside, but since the weather’s getting a bit inclement you may want to try sitting inside. It’s small but they do have tables in there, and I know they have plans to add more.

On top of that they do a takeaway service and have also teamed up with the nearby pub The Royal Oak in Crick so you can order you food there and enjoy it with a drink, from 12pm to 3pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 12pm-2pm.

I know there are cafes everywhere, but Pickle & Pie is a find that I’m pretty sure will win anyone over, so if you’re in the area pop in. I reckon you’ll love it.

[We paid in full at Pickle & Pie.]