11 Places for a quick lunch in Rugby, Warwickshire
December 14, 2021

Lunch is so often overlooked isn’t it, especially when you’re busy, and it’s easy to end up grabbing a sandwich from a supermarket or well-known chain. But I’m here to give you a few ideas of some places you can grab a quick lunch in Rugby. There are more of them than you think, and I guarantee they’ll probably be tastier than the dried tuna sarnie you pick off the shelf of big-name brand.

Here are my suggestions for 12 places for a quick lunch in Rugby:-

CVC Kitchen & Deli

A lovely addition to Rugby’s food scene, CVC Kitchen & Deli comes from the people behind Cafe Vin Cinq and is now a lovely place to either sit in and have a coffee or something to eat or to grab lunch and go. It stocks creations from local people, whether that’s cakes and cookies or quiches and pies, so you’re not just supporting them but local makers and bakers too with a lovely lunch in Rugby.

CVC Kitchen Rugby
CVC Kitchen Rugby

Try the quiches from the people who used to run Olivia’s Coffee House in Hillmorton, and make sure you get your hands on a pie from Katie’s Kitchen. There are also fabulous salads and coleslaws made in-house by the CVC Kitchen team, plus lovely sweet treats like their baklava or creations from Cawston Cakery, Moo and Bob Cheesecake (check) or Baked Brownies.


A recent discovery for me, Wilda’s has actually been serving up jacket potatoes in its Hillmorton branch since 1991 and is an easy, quick and filling stop for lunch in Rugby.

Wildas Jacket Potato
Wildas Jacket Potato

They’re best known for their jackets, which come laden with any filling of your choice, but they also do great snack pots of things like chilli, roast dinners, and to-die-for potato skins loaded with curry and cheese or other toppings. They’ve become a regular stop-off for us on a cold dog walk. 

Treacle’s Farm to Fork

Treacle’s rebranded not that long ago and now very much has a farm shop feel. In the heart of the town centre they’re an easy stop to grab lunch in Rugby. They do great takeaway options as well as the chance to eat in, from homemade salad bowls to great-looking sandwiches and freshly-baked goods. And cake, don’t forget the cake.

Oishii Sushi

A newcomer to Rugby this year, I will be forever grateful to Emily from the Nail Retreat for pointing these guys out to me. In the bank of shops on Hillmorton Road near Formula One, they’re inside the Rugby House Chinese restaurant but are serving up great Japanese food including sushi and bento boxes.


I’ll admit to being sceptical when I first tried, but I’ve now been several times and their sushi is easily as good as any I’ve had elsewhere – a view I’d had verified by other sushi fans whose judgement I trust way more than my own. What an asset to the lunch choices in Rugby.

Square Coffee, Dunchurch

Square is another great addition to Rugby’s food scene and you may have seen some of the great street food pop-ups they host at weekends at their home in Dunchurch.

Square Rugby

Alongside that, they serve up good coffee and simple lunch options like toasties and cakes for you to either eat in if you can grab one of the few seats, or in their secret garden, as well as to take away. Don’t forget to try one of their pretty hot chocolates if you fancy treating yourself.

Onley Farm Kitchen, Dunchurch

Another Dunchurch option, Onley Farm Kitchen opened as a second outlet for some of the great goods on sale down at Onley Farm Shop. Since then I’ve noticed they’ve continued to adapt and after initially offering takeaway food and coffee, they’ve now got a few seats inside so you can have lunch in there too if you fancy.

Green Zante Street Kitchen

I’ll admit to hearing mixed reports about Greek Zante Street Kitchen in the town centre, but I’ve ordered from there a few times and always enjoyed it. If you want a big fat pitta stuffed with pork or chicken, chips and salad, then you’ve come to the right place. They seem to mess up their delivery times sometimes so you can have a bit of a wait, but try it and see what you think of them as a choice for lunch in Rugby.

Greek Zante Street Kitchen

Extra Fish Bar

Am I including a fish and chip shop? Yes, I am. Because these guys also do Greek specialities and a brilliant grilled chicken, rice and salad box that will knock pre-made salads from chains and supermarkets out of the park. Of course, you can also just grab a classic fish and chips or kebab. You can even order online to save time if you’re in a rush or tied to your computer.

The Seven Stars

One of my faves in Rugby, the Seven Stars isn’t just for a pint or a pie on certain nights. Graham makes the best scotch eggs I’ve ever had, and you’ll always find some in there, as well as locally-made pork pies, so if you fancy a bit of a snack at lunchtime with some great beer, wine, gin or soft drink, then get yourself down to this great dog-friendly independent pub.

Scotch eggs

Clifton Village Stores

I’ve recently discovered Clifton Village Stores has a lovely selection of homemade sandwiches and rolls, as well as soups and even ready meals. A great stop off if you’re passing through and what to grab something that’s homemade and tasty.

Pumpkins, Brinklow

Yes, I know it’s a bit out of Rugby but if you’re heading home from Coventry or fancy a little drive out to grab your lunch, then you need to head to Brinklow. Pumpkins serve up impressive sandwiches, hot rolls, breakfast creations and more. And don’t forget to try some of their cakes – especially the homemade Rocky Road!

Pumpkins Deli sandwich
Chocolate brownie
Pumpkins Deli Brinklow