Help a meat company on a mission – Cabrito Goat Meat is crowdfunding
March 5, 2022

A bit of an unusual one, and not strictly local, but I’ve followed Cabrito Goat Meat and James Whetlor for some time now and their current fundraising means it’ll be easier for you to get their goat meat wherever you are in the country – including in Warwickshire.

If you haven’t heard of Cabrito, it’s the brainchild of James Whetlor, who also happens to be the international director of ‘Goatober’. James worked as a chef for 12 years in London, before moving back to his hometown in Devon and working at River Cottage.

It was during that period that he bought four goats to help turn an area of scrubland into useable pasture and began to learn about the plight of the British billy goat. Essentially, the fact that most billy goats (because they’re no use for milk) are euthanized shortly after birth.

In James’ view – and mine as it happens – that’s just not on. I’m not going to get into the meat eating vs non meat eating argument here, but if we’re going to rear animals for consumption, the least we can do is respect them enough not to simply kill them and dispose of them.

James’ plan, and that of Cabrito’s, was to see all of the UK’s billy goats become food. Goat meat is tasty, as easy to cook as other meat, and yet we don’t eat it. Cabrito set about changing that, selling to butchers, restaurants and supermarkets, from a network of farms across the country.

goat meat

Since it was founded the company has steadily grown, winning multiple awards including Observer Food Monthly Best Producer in 2014 & Good Housekeeping Best Meat Producer in 2016. It has also featured in The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph & on the BBC, with goat twice being the main course on the Great British Menu.

Cabrito is now raising funds to expand further. Its target is £250,000 which will be used to move into a purpose-built butchery unit with a packing & distribution area. This means it will be even better placed to serve both the retail and wholesale markets – not just to get goat on our plates, but to stop billy goats across the country being wasted unnecessarily.

They’re already at 60% of their target, at just over £150,000, so if you’re interested in backing them, head to their Crowdcube page for more information.