Warwickshire Gin Company launches new rums inspired by Leamington boxing legend
October 22, 2023

Local distillery Warwickshire Gin Company have released two new special-edition rums inspired by Leamington boxing legend Randolph Turpin.

The Pugilist – Sting Like A Bee – Honey Rum and Pugilist Ghost Edition White Rum, are in honour of the sporting great who went down in British boxing history for his World Title win against the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson.

The boxer, who was dubbed ‘The Leamington Licker’, is commemorated with a statue in Warwick’s Market Square.

Warwickshire Distillery Randolph Turpin

Warwickshire Gin Company decided to honour the sportsman with two new limited edition rums whose recipes are based on the company’s existing Spice Blended Rum, which took Bronze at last year’s International Spirits Awards.

Dave Blick, who established Warwickshire Gin Company in 2018, said: “With our local legend being Randolph Turpin, boxing is still a very strong sport in Leamington and Warwick. We are using Guyanan rum spirit as a base in honour of Turpin’s Guyanan family heritage.

“Born in Leamington of Guyana heritage, Turpin became a hero overnight! To commemorate this fabulous son of Leamington we have celebrated his Guyanan heritage and added our special Warwickshire spice blend to create a warming, rich rum.

“For the new Sting Like A Bee edition, we have rectified with orange peel, and finished off with local honey sourced from Kazim’s Bees and Honey in Warwick, to deliver a beautifully smooth sweet mouth feel. It is best enjoyed neat over ice or pairs well with Sicilian lemonade.

“The Pugilist Ghost Edition White Rum is more one for the rum purists and is best enjoyed neat over ice or maybe with a drop of lime.”

Both rums are 37% ABV and available to buy in 5cl, 20cl and 70cl bottles or as part of gift packs perfect for presents.

Warwickshire Distillery rums

They are the latest addition to the distillery’s portfolio of artisan copper pot-distilled premium spirits, including five artisan handcrafted gins and a vodka.

Others include Leamington on Parade, inspired by the true story of three elephants brought over from Sri Lanka to Leamington by circus elephant trainer Sam Lockhart in the 1880s; The Kingmaker – named after Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, and Peeping Tom – inspired by the legend of Coventry’s Lady Godiva.

The distillery also offers visitor experiences – Gin Tasting, Cocktails at The Distillery and their new Afternoon Gin & Tea, plus a range of build-your-own branded gift bundles, including spirits, goblet, mixers and gin or rum-infused chocolates.

Find out more on their website.