Leamington pizza restaurant We Love Pizza reopens with new look
January 25, 2024

Award-winning Leamington pizzeria We Love Pizza has reopened its doors to diners with a unique new look.

We Love Pizza has unveiled a two-storey dining space above its takeaway business in Regent’s Place. It comes three years after the Covid pandemic forced owners Jose, Geanina and their team to close, focusing instead on their now-successful takeaway business.

We Love Pizza leamington

They’ve created three vibrantly-themed eating areas brought to life by the work of talented Leamington muralist Gemma Grao, and focus on delivering ‘affordable quality’ to their customers by using fresh ingredients from Italy and locally, as well as the best flour combinations and longer fermentation periods for the sourdough.

Keen to support local businesses as much as possible, their drinks menu includes Warwickshire brands Windmill Hill, BRUBL and Napton Cidery.

Jose said: “The original plan when we set up the business was actually to be more focused on the eating-in service. When Covid hit we realised we needed to pivot and takeaway was a lifeline and, ultimately, a great opportunity.

“When things started opening back up after the lockdowns we were ticking over nicely on takeaways and the business was sustainable but people were always asking for a table. It got us thinking again. We always wanted to welcome people in, that is what we think we do best – showcasing our product, showing our hospitality.”

We Love pizza

He added: “It was a great moment when we finally opened the doors again. We felt complete because we always thought that we were missing a piece of the puzzle here. Now we are delivering what we originally set out to, by welcoming people into our ‘house.’ We can invite people to come in full confidence that they will get an outstanding product at its very best.”

He said the aim was to take people on a “multi-sensory journey”, from the visual side through to music playlists and even scent, with every room offering a different aroma, from woody to citrus. The different themes allow regular customers to have a new experience each time they come. The rooms range from Italian and Neopolitan and Amalfi coast through to more Industrial Urban vibes. Even the toilets have an exotic theme.”

We Love Pizza

Jose said that We Love Pizza’s vegan and gluten-free products have become a favourite – along with the fact they provide scissors to help people eat them more easily.

“We were inspired by one of the most recognised pizza chefs in Italy who uses scissors,” he added. “Our product, especially our dough, is different from the mainstream pizza products – crispy on the outside and soft and airy on the inside, very light on the palette and thin in the middle. Scissors allow you to cut the pizza in a more efficient way without causing a mess and better showcasing the product. It’s much more practical but also a fun element. The customers love it.

“We offer something that is more personal and different than the mainstream. It’s this
character and not being afraid to be different that reflects the ethos behind what we do and
that we’re most proud of.”