Midweek munchies – Simple Soul Food at Borough Market
January 27, 2015

After a fairly lengthy post on Fiesta Del Asado, I’m going to try and introduce a mid-weekly post that’s brief, but yummy, just to get your tastebuds tingling as you wait for the weekend.

This week I had to return to London’s Borough Market, one of my fave foodie haunts. Alas it was for work rather than pleasure, but I happened upon a pop-up stall of one of the regular Borough marketeers, Soul Food. Chef Patrick Williams’ usual offerings of Caribbean food include traditional jerk chicken and curried goat, as well as the obligatory rice and peas, but on┬áthis occasion he was whipping up simple but tasty wraps, filled with a choice of barbecued chicken or plantain and potato.

It was all very simple – a toasted tortilla, thin layer of mayo and chilli sauce, shredded lettuce and spring onion with some fresh coriander, then a mound of earthy, spicy barbecued chicken. A squirt of barbecue sauce on top, and artfully wrapped up, and there you have it. Deeply flavoured tender chicken, crisp lettuce, the trademark taste of coriander and a rich tangy barbecue sauce.

The business card I helped myself to boasts the slogan Mindfully Healthy Fresh Food, and it certainly tasted that way. Okay, so there’s probably slightly more virtuous things you could snack on, but it sure as hell beats a pre-packed sarnie. Now I just need to go back and try the rest!

Barbecued chicken wrap from Soul Food

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  1. Oh, I LOVE curried goat. Last time I had it was 2 years ago on honeymoon in Kenya though. I’ll need to check out this place next time I’m in London, it sounds fantastic!

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