Meal Planning Monday #2
August 17, 2015

Week 2 – how did it go? Hmmm, well, I can’t say it was 100% success, but I wasn’t a complete failure either.

Breakfasts went well, as did lunches, and I went pretty good with exercise – four gym sessions and three runs in total. Phew! However, dinners weren’t quite such a success. Well, they were a ‘success’, but not completely what I’d planned.

Monday’s barbecue was great, and pretty healthy too. Mr M whipped up some monkfish, chorizo and red onion skewers which we had with minted new potatoes and salad.

Monkfish, chorizo and red onion skewers

On Tuesday I put my culinary skills to the test and whipped up a quick curry with chicken the veg we had left, including okra. The spanner in the works was poor old Mr M who got in super late from work and desperately wanted fish’n’chips. Understanding wife that I am, I popped the curry in the freezer and went and got him his special treat. Fish and chips for him, and chicken kebab meat with salad for me. Not too bad – but not the plan!

On Wednesday, the saboteur of my meal plan was my mother, fresh back from a trip to Bruges. Not only did we spontaneously go for a curry with her (tandoori chicken for me, so not the worst thing ever),  but she came bearing gifts in the form of Belgian chocolates.

Belgian chocolates

Thursday was our trip to a Beefeater (I know, right?) for a review meal. That one’s coming up on Friday so you can see what we thought. Needless to say, it was quantity over quality and I filled my face. You’ll be pleased to know Tuesday’s curry didn’t go to waste and we had that as a Friday night dinner after work. Pretty tasty it was too!

On Saturday we didn’t end up going on a night away, but we treated ourselves to a lovely meal at the Stag at Offchurch near Leamington Spa for our third wedding anniversary (which coincidentally is TODAY!). Review coming up – obvs!!! And after that fabulous eatathon I have to confess that I decided not to roast a whole leg of lamb. Plus, I’d forgotten Mr M was on a night shift, so I had salmon and salad instead. A bit more virtuous.

Right, so will I do any better next week? Yet again there are a few evenings out with friends, so breakfasts and lunches are going to be super strict. Yoghurt and berries for brekkie (with extra protein), salads at lunch, and no afternoon snacks!

Here’s the plan:-

Monday – Mr M is on nights, so I’m going to have salad and some asparagus we’ve got left with some Linda McCartney sausages. Haven’t had them before but I’ve heard good things!

Tuesday – We’re off out to the Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. Yum.

Wednesday – I’m supposed to be meeting a friend, but I am NOT eating out three nights on the bounce, so I’m hoping Mr M will whip me up something nice and healthy. Probably chicken.

Thursday – Off out (AGAIN, I know!) and looks like I might end up in Nosh & Quaff. Yay!

Friday – I’m on a half-day from work, so I’m going to try and whip up something nice. I’m thinking chicken in some sort of Asian spices, with cous cous probably.

Saturday – It’s my Dad’s engagement party (congratulations Dad), so I imagine I’ll be rather well fed by his other half Judy.

Sunday – We’re out for a curry with our friends. Probably tandoori chicken for me. Or maybe seabass!

Here’s hoping I do a tiny bit better at sticking to the plan this week!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday #2

  1. Those Monkfish skewers look well nice! Much prefer something a little different on the BBQ than the bog standard burgers and sausages. Yep, you’re doing some serious eating out this week 🙂 I’ve just about managed a night out for Saturday, but that’s my lot.
    Have a good week! 😉

    1. Ah I know, I’m so naughty! And I skipped the gym today, not a good start! Hope you have a lovely week. X

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