Meal Planning Monday #3
August 24, 2015

Another week gone, a few more promises broken. Okay, so maybe not that bad, but I’m not sure I entirely stuck to last week’s Meal Planning Monday plan. The best laid plans and all that, hey.

On Monday I was super good, I had my asparagus tips and my Linda McCartney sausages which were, I have to say, seriously good. I think I’m converted and just can’t believe it’s taken this long!

On Tuesday we were late to the Rose Villa Tavern menu tasting and both being a bit tired, decided to just go all out and order ourselves a whole burger each. In fairness, I probably would have eaten even more if I’d nibbled at all the yummy stuff being brought out, but still – it was a big dinner. The only small moment of redemption for me was that I stayed off the alcohol. In a pub. Yes. I’ll tell you loads more about this, but here’s a little flavour.

Burgers at the Rose Villa Tavern in the Jewellery Quarter

On Wednesday Mr M whipped us up a delicious dinner of chicken and chorizo in a spicy tomato sauce. Seriously yummy folks!

Thursday I had more of a liquid dinner when I joined in on the fabulous Colmore Social thanks to an invite from the fab Vicky of Brumderland fame. Organised by the gang from Colmore Business District and aimed at people who work in the district (I know, I was an imposter!), we were led on a little guided route along Colmore Row to check out some of its bars, most of which were first times for me. We started at Opus Bar where we supped on a Picnic Gin cocktail, before moving to Bureau Bar where I discovered that it’s not just London that has roof terraces. Seriously, on a sunny day this place will be fab. Then it was to Purecraft Bar & Kitchen where I beered it up and Vicky and I managed to win a competition for one of their famous Scotch eggs. And finally to Nosh & Quaff where we finished the night with hotdogs and cherry margharitas. And I even made the train home!

Cocktails at Bureau Bar, Colmore Row

Hot dogs at Nosh & Quaff

On Friday Mr M and I had lots of catching up to do, so despite my plans to ‘whip up something nice’ we ended up at the Masala Lounge in Rugby for their early bird deal.

Saturday was my Dad’s engagement part and, as predicted, full of yummy food courtesy of my his fiancee Judy – from yummy salads to barbecue food and some of her trademark amazing desserts. Who can say no to pavlova and creme caramel?

Summer fruit pavlova

And so to Sunday. The curry with friends didn’t happen but as we both returned home late to find the cupboards bare, we decided to try out a Thai restaurant in Rugby that we haven’t been to before. And delicious it was too. Review coming up – obvs!

Right, so this week (after I’ve done some food shopping, which is much in need):

Monday – Chicken it is tonight. Probably with pasta and pesto. Hopefully by Tuesday the shopping will have happened.

Tuesday – Actually, forget the shopping, I’m off out to learn about gin at the Jekyll and Hyde in Birmingham, where I’ll be fed a bit too. Mr M will have to fend for himself.

Wednesday – I think we’re going to have fish. I’ve got some Pollock in the freezer so we’ll have that with some new potatoes and peas. Peas are one of Mr M’s favourite vegetables bless him.

Thursday – I’m off to Worcester after work to Jay Rayner’s ‘My Dining Hell’ show with my mum. No doubt there will be a bit of food involved somewhere – any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Friday – We’re off to our friends’ for a long-overdue catch-up where we get fed as well.

Hmmm, maybe I don’t need to do the shopping……

As usual, it’s all go. Plenty of reviews coming up, lots of fun and frolics to be had. So I’d best get blogging! See you next week 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday #3

  1. I’m enjoying this series. We’re also trying to empty our freezer before doing any more serious shopping. It was all going according to plan until I spotted that this week is Caribbean Food week, so there’s some more planning, cooking and blogging to come here too.
    Looking forward to reading about the gin adventures at the Jekyll and Hyde if you’re planning to write it up.

    1. Ah thanks. How did I not know it was Caribbean Food week? And yes, definitely planning to write up the gin! 🙂

    1. I know, how can people NOT like gin! Haven’t tried the Ginstitute but it’s on the list. There’s also a distillery in the Cotswolds I’m planning to go to.

  2. Sounds like lots of yummy eating on then, saves going to the supermarket I suppose 🙂 #MealPlanningMonday

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