Liebster Award
September 15, 2015

As a newbie blogger, I’ve been slightly nervous of my more experienced peers. But I’ve found that actually, my fellow bloggers are some of the most supportive bunch going. The existence of the Liebster Award is testament to this – it’s an award created by bloggers for blogger, and is passed on through the blogging community to help people find their feet, get involved, and generally be a part of things.

And so to this post – the lovely Indecisive Emma has kindly nominated me – thanks Emma.

The Rules

Once you have been nominated you need to write a blog post containing:

* A link back to the person who nominated you
* 11 interesting facts about yourself
* Answers to questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
* Links to your nominated blogs
* 11 questions for your nominations to answers

Don’t forget to notify the blogs you have nominated!

So, here we go:-

11 facts about me

1. Probably obvious, but I am an absolute food obsessive. You name it, I’ll eat it.
2. Despite my newfound love of blogging, I’m actually a trained journalist and covered all sorts of big stuff, from the conflict in Afghanistan to the London 2012 Olympics.
3. However, even though I’ve interviewed the Prime Minister, Prince William and god knows who else, I won’t pick up the phone to order a takeaway.
4. My husband and I fell in love over a joint admisison that we both love eating the fat off lamb chops. Well, not quite, but it definitely sealed the deal!
5. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with being strong.
6. I love writing lists. I’ll even add things i’ve already done just so I can cross them off.
7. My maine coon Massimo is effectively my substitute for a child (which I haven’t had out of choice before anyone feels sorry for me) – I rave about him far too much.
8. I’m a holiday addict – some of my friends call me ‘Judith’ (Chalmers).
9. Despite loving alcohol, I get the worst hangovers in the world and can often be found spewing up for the whole of the next day (yes, gross, I know!)
10. I now write about telecoms for a living – I can tell you loads about broadband speeds and all sorts of stuff.
11. Despite loving lists, I’ve struggled to finish this list.

Answers to questions from Indecisive Emma

Why did you start your blog?
I’d dabbled with a blog for a while, on and off, but when I left my old job and swapped warzones and courts for telecoms journalism, I found myself needing a bit of a creative outlet, so started writing regularly about all the yummy food we’d had.

What’s your proudest moment in life so far?
(Watch out for the cheese!) Marrying my husband. I couldn’t, and still quite can’t, believe that I’ve bagged such a patient, kind man, who puts up with all my craziness. We’ve just celebrated our third anniversary and things get better every day.

What’s your favourite season/time of year?
Summer. I love the sunshine, I love the social occasions that come with summertime – beer gardens, barbecues, long lazy evenings with friends, bright mornings. Everyone just seems that little bit cheerier in the summer.

What’s your favourite quote?
“The best revenge is massive success”, according to Frank Sinatra. Hear hear!

How do you de-stress?
Usually with exercise. There’s nothing like a gym session or a run to blow the cobwebs away and let you clear your head. Well, except maybe a bottle of wine 😉

What’s your favourite high street store and why?
I’m not really a massive shopper – I tend to buy stuff online then return it if it doesn’t fit. But I do like Next, since I turned 30 I find I prefer their clothes. I also love their home stuff.

What is your ‘go-to/holy grail’ beauty product?
I’m crap with beauty products, I really am. I rarely try new stuff and stick to what I know. I’ve always had problem skin, but about two years about I was introduced to Dermalogica skincare products and haven’t looked back since. Love them.

Do you have a fear/phobia and how did you overcome it/cope with it?
I was fairly overweight when I was a teenager and through university, and despite losing weight, I’m endlessly paranoid about letting myself get to that stage again – not because of the way I looked, but because I was unhappy – and so sometimes can go a bit over the top worrying about exercise, calories etc. I just sometimes remind myself that it’s all about a bit of balance, and the occasional greedy moment is not the same as a lifestyle of doing nothing and filling my face. Plus, I remind myself that there’s plenty of people with far bigger problems to worry about.

What’s your favourite time of day?
I actually like the mornings. I’m an early bird, and first thing is not just gym time, but my time to potter around, get my head sorted, and generally get ready for the day.

Have you ever made an impulsive purchase/decision? If so, what was it?
For our anniversary I bought my husband something he’d wanted for ages. We’d agreed not to do presents, and were meant to be being careful with our money, but he’s had a tough time recently so I decided on a whim that it would be a nice surprise to treat him.

What advice can you give to new bloggers?
Always remember why you started it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you started because you had something to say, or were passionate about something, and instead get carried away with the minutiae and mechanics of blogging. It’s always good to re-focus every now and then and think about why you started in the first place.

My nominations

Oh So Steffany

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Gingey Bites

Rogue Vogue

Do you want to be nominated? Despite weeks of hunting, I couldn’t find more than 5 people who wanted to be on the list, so if you do let me know and I’ll add you in here!

11 questions for my nominations to answers

What made you start blogging and what’s your chosen topic to blog about?
What’s your favourite food?
What’s your ideal holiday destination?
What do you find the hardest part of being a blogger?
What’s your most vivid memory of your childhood?
What’s your biggest regret so far, and what did it teach you?
Do you have a person you aspire to be like, or a role model? Who, and why?
When do you tend to write your blog posts?
Who do you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on?
What’s the blog post you’re most proud of, and why?
What do you want to be when you grow up?

And that’s that – look forward to seeing everyone’s responses 🙂

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    1. Ah thanks Emily – sure am, for my sins. Not quite as much gallivanting now but have been a very lucky girl with my career. And yes – LISTS. Just found a new app in fact 😉

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