National Breakfast Week
January 25, 2016

Yes folks, it’s National Breakfast Week. From yesterday until this Saturday the nation’s marking the fun of breakfast, so I thought I’d have a little mooch back through the blog at some of the yummy breakfasts I’ve had at home and on my travels.

I’m a massive fan of breakfast, to the point that I once felt the need to write a whole post about the Full English Breakfast.

Homecooked breakfast treats

While most mornings breakfast is cereal or yoghurt and fruit, I’ve been known to branch out and one of my faves is this recipe for Healthy Breakfast Muffins. Then again, would you choose healthy when you could have something as beautifully indulgent as this gorgeous Eggs Royale Mr M made me a few months back. Yum!

Eggs Royale

A slightly more unusual early morning meal is the Homemade Breakfast Pizza my big brother made for us when we visited him last year. Pizza for breakfast? Weird? Yes. But delicious too! Don’t forget to check out the video in the post!

Pizza at the Harlyn Inn

If homecooked treats aren’t enough for you, there’s always breakfast out. And I’ve had a fair few of those in my time. Sometimes I go healthy, sometimes not so much…..

Nook on the Square

I’ll start with a local fave of mine. The Nook on the Square in Dunchurch near Rugby is a great little place. It featured on The Restaurant Man and has gone from strength to strength. They do a great square quiche which I’m STILL yet to try, but also some kick-ass breakfasts. Here’s Mr M’s ‘Bigger Breakfast’ from when we went.

The 'Bigger' Breakfast at Nook on the Square, Dunchurch, Rugby

Grainstore, King’s Cross

Mr M and I headed to Grainstore for our first stop on a daytrip in the big smoke last year. I was obviously feeling semi healthy/semi greedy so I tried out this yoghurt and chickpea pancake with avocado and rocket. Lovely summer food on a bright sunshiney day.

Yoghurt and chickpea pancake with avocado, tomato and jalapeno salsa at Grainstore, Kings Cross

Cherry Trees, Padstow

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know Cornwall is one of our fave places, and on our most recent trip I made this great little discovery. Hidden among the big names and fine dining is the fabulous Cherry Trees, home of good breakfasts and massive cakes. You MUST go there.

Magic mushrooms at Cherry Trees, Padstow

Cornish breakfast at Cherry Trees, Padstow

Birmingham Breakfast Club at Adam’s

And finally. A bit of a treat. Last year I managed to get a spot on one of THE breakfasts of the Midlands. The marvellous Simon Steggles of the Birmingham Breakfast Club blog organised a one-off brekkie at Adam’s in Birmingham. Clearly it was great, and the oozing perfectly poached egg, meticulously cut into by Mr M, is probably one of my favourite pics from my blog last year.

Picture of the breakfast at Adams, Birmingham

Poached duck egg at Adam's, Birmingham

So there we are, just a few breakfast highlights from me. What are yours? Any place I should try or recipes I should make? Would love to hear about them so let me know!

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  1. Hi I’m the chef at The Nook on the Square and so pleased you have featured our breakfast on todays post and very glad you love it there. Hope to have you visit soon.

    1. Hi Lisa, lovely to hear from you. Glad you liked it, I wrote about your Christmas afternoon tea too 🙂 Just need to make it over for the square quiche! See you soon, Ellen

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