Breakfasting at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham
August 6, 2016

Saint Kitchen has changed ownership since I visited. It’s now owned by the same people who own Warwick Street Kitchen in Leamington – head to this review for an idea of what they do. 

Birmingham features a lot on this blog but it’s not that often that I get actually do some exploring around it and just stumble on places. I tend to pop in for a specific restaurant, bar, or to meet people, so it’s rarely a case of wandering around and finding somewhere.

Recently though, the morning after Mr M and I finally made it to the fabulous Lasan for dinner, we and our friends found ourselves in the Jewellery Quarter looking for somewhere for brekkie. Cue Saint Kitchen. Right on the edge of St Paul’s Square, its menu was pretty tempting and the discovery of a review from Independent Birmingham sealed the deal for Saint to be our breakfast venue.

Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

It’s modern and simple from the outside, giving way to a more quirky interior with tile-effect walls, modern furniture, and a bit of a funky, understated vibe. It’s the menu that’s the real winner, with tempting choices from bagels, butties and pastries to slightly more elaborate benedicts, pancakes, and even souffle muffins. And if the words themselves weren’t tempting enough, one quick glance at some of the dishes being carried past us to fellow breakfasters was enough to make us want to stay.

They take their coffee seriously at Saint Kitchen. I’m no connoisseur but I do love my coffee and the cup I had here was one of the smoothest, richest coffees I’ve had in a while. None of that horrid bitter after-taste. They also have a big mason jar dispenser full of water complete with slices of fresh orange to have with it. Nice touch.

Coffee at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham
Coffee at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

Happily settled in to our seats for a morning pick-me-up and food-filled start to the day, we hit the menu. I’d been all set for Eggs Benedict until I saw a wonderful stack of food make its way past me covered in fresh avocado. Saint Kitchen’s ‘avocado smash’.

A look at the menu and I saw it wasn’t just simply crushed up avocado and a poached egg but far more substantial and, indeed, imaginative. Mashed avocado with diced halloumi, red pepper, lemon and greek yoghurt, all folded together with quinoa then piled high arranged on sourdough and finished with poached egg, plus a bit more avocado for good measure.

It was, indeed, delicious. And probably slightly better for me than a load of hollandaise sauce, as nice as that would have been. The mashed avocado, halloumi, pepper, lemon and yoghurt was a nice mixture of flavours and textures. Smooth mashed avocado with lumps of halloumi, and a combination of rich creaminess and a citrus freshness.

The egg was perfectly poached, allowing its runny yolk to flow down into the avo mixture and sourdough toast once you cut into it. Great for breakfast when you’re after something slightly less artery-blocking than some of the more indulgent options.

Avocado smash at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

Avocado smash at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

Our friend went for the American pancakes. Not just a few, but a whopping stack of five of them. He opted for the classic combo of smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup rather than greek yoghurt, berries and honey or nutella and banana, and was a very happy man. And yes, he did manage them all!

American pancakes at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

Jamie and our other friend couldn’t resist the benedicts. Jamie with a classic Eggs Royale – toasted sourdough muffins topped with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and salmon, while Pam went off menu and asked for Portobello mushrooms with hers. Again, they were huge portions and both went down a treat. The hollandaise was rich and buttery, the eggs well poached, and the dishes nicely presented. Generous, simple, but with plenty of care put into them.

Eggs Benedict at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

Eggs Benedict at Saint Kitchen, Birmingham

I hadn’t heard much about Saint Kitchen so it was great to discover a new place sort of by accident. It was a fab place to enjoy breakfast, and they’ve got plenty on offer for lunches too. Writing this, I’m not sure if I should have tried a souffle muffin – oven bottom toasted muffins topped with a folded omelette and choices of bacon, sausage or mushroom – as I’ve never seen them anywhere else. But hey, there’s always next time!

We paid in full for our breakfasts at Saint Kitchen. They didn’t know I was a blogger.