Butterwick Bakery comes to Rugby
November 16, 2022

[Disclosure: I paid in full at Butterwick. They didn’t know I was a blogger]

Rugby’s got another cafe. I’ll confess to not having heard of Butterwick Bakery until now, but more fool me because it seems they’re going great guns, with five other stores already across Northamptonshire.

Rugby is their sixth and they’ve arrived with a bang, bringing groaning shelves of their own homemade cupcakes, cookies, brownies and doughnuts, plus coffee and milkshakes.

Butterwick Bakery

The decor of the new venue on Regent Street is hipster, with a long bar down one edge where you can perch and have a coffee but if you’re looking for comfy seats and tables, then this might not be the place for you.

If you’re looking for Instagrammable treats, you’ll love it here. They bake everything themselves then apparently decorate them themselves, creating the array of treats that it’s quite difficult to choose from.


Their biscoff doughnut bar was a thing of glory (my picture doesn’t do it justice after I squished the biscuits), and despite only planning to eat a few mouthfuls, before I could stop it was gone. I hear their ring doughnut ‘Homer’ is also impressive.

Coffee was decent, staff were helpful, and they even do ‘pup cakes’ baked themselves alongside all their own doughnuts and cakes.

Some might say Rugby’s got plenty of cafes and doesn’t need any more, but I don’t think too many people will say no to a try of one of these cakes and a trip to Butterwick. And if it’s one less vacant unit in our town, then it gets my vote.