Birmingham restaurant Lulu Wild launches new seasonal menu concept
June 4, 2024

‘A Birmingham restaurant – on a Coventry and Warwickshire food blog?’, I hear you say. Well, yes. Given how easy it is to get to Brum and how great the city’s food and drink scene is, this blog has long featured news and reviews from Birmingham. After all, variety is the spice of life and while I’m a big champion of Coventry and Warwickshire, I do love a jaunt into the big city occasionally.

With that in mind, I’ve promptly added Lulu Wild to my list thanks to the launch of its new seasonal menu concept. The modern Chinese restaurant in Brindleyplace, described by some as one of Birmingham’s most Instagrammable restaurants, is offering an Enchanted Tales series which celebrates the changing of the seasons.

The first was ‘Fire’, which celebrated the Year of the Dragon during Chinese New Year, and this month sees the launch of Chapter 2: Air – Whispers on the Breeze, which focuses on the theme of rebirth and renewal.

During Air, you’ll sit amongst fragrant blooms as the Enchanted Gardens come alive in The Nest dining space, along with a soundtrack provided by the gentle sound of wind chimes.

The menu also aims to capture the essence of spring, featuring Sichuan Crispy Beef adorned with edible flowers, while drinks include the ‘Above the Clouds’ cocktail created by Lulu Wild’s in-house mixologist, featuring a blend of tequila, coconut and banana that’s aimed to be reminiscent of a butterfly fluttering through a clear blue sky.


Air is also available at Lulu Wild’s sister restaurants, Aluna in the Mailbox and Siamias at Brindleyplace – each offering their own exclusive dish and cocktail pairing. Guests at Siamais can enjoy Siam Air Ho Fun complemented by the Tequila Cloud, while Aluna offers a fragrant Beef Massaman Curry paired with a choice of three special cocktails – Honey Haze, Cloud and Atmospheric.

Naomi Aly, from the group, is excited to share the concept with guests: “The idea behind Enchanted Tales is to provide an immersive dining experience for diners, through the senses of taste, sound, sight and smell.  With each new chapter, The Nest space at Lulu Wild transports you to an imagined world designed to evoke memories and feelings.

“The team have enjoyed creating something really special with this concept – our aim is to make sure there’s always something new and exciting to experience at Lulu Wild. There’s lots more to look forward to as following Air will be Chapter 3: Water, launching on 21st June, followed by Earth in September and Aether which will be available pre-Christmas.”

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