Libertine Burger launches nationwide burger kit delivery
November 21, 2020

If you’re local to Rugby, Warwickshire or even slightly further afield, you’ve no doubt tried Libertine Burger. They’re one of my faves and we’re so lucky to have them in Rugby as well as nearby Leamington Spa. As winners of the UK’s National Burger Award and a fond favourite of many a burger expert, their standards are not up for debate.

And now, lucky for everyone, they’ve launched their own DIY burger kit available nationwide. You may have seen that other burger people have been doing this and it’s a fab way to get hold of decent burgers during lockdown along with the fun of building them yourself. Libertine Burger have been holding off to make sure they get it just right and now the moment has arrived.

The limited-edition kits champion their top-selling burgers – from the No.4 with its 150g beef patties, Libertine house spice blend, house pickles and home cured streaky bacon, American cheese, ketchup and Frenchie’s mustard to the No. 007 with house chilli and chimichurri and their remake of California’s famed In-N-Out burger. Oh, and there’s vegan options coming too.

They get their beef from the lovely Aubrey Allen (who incidentally have launched their own home delivery option), with the house patties made using Aberdeenshire 50% chuck, 20% flank and 30% brisket cuts, dry-aged or a minimum of 28 days and ground twice just before being packed up.

You get simple instructions from how to cook the patties perfectly to how to ‘cloche’ your burger Libertine-style. You can also order extras like house sides, sauces, and canned wines from ‘Nice’ winery (Nice Pale Rose or Nice Malbec) and Libertine’s Wales-based brewery partner: Tiny Rebel.

If you haven’t heard of Libertine or read my lovely posts before, it started as a street food van in 2017, frequenting events and places like Digbeth Dining Club. Such was its popularity that founder Charles Harris and his team soon opened their flagship restaurant in Leamington Spa. The second followed in Rugby and they’ve carried on doing takeaway during lockdown, plus now nationwide delivery of their kits.

Charles says: “While we might be a little late to the party, we’ve taken the time to perfect our process and make sure this DIY kit is as good as we want it to be, and nothing less! 

“It’s crazy to think that Libertine, which started as my little passion project, has grown into something that we are now sharing with people across the country, and in a relatively short time. I’m very proud of us all today!”

If you want to get your chops round one of their burgers, order now for deliveries on Wednesdays and Fridays at